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The primary purpose of this web site is to provide a range of “activity” information for young people in the Bordon and surrounding areas.

The Members are typically youth groups, clubs or associations who provide youth or youth oriented activities and services.  The Members will be actively encouraged to submit details of who they are, what they provide and where / when they provide it.
‘BYUGs’ aims and objectives are to advance the education and training of young people including those persons who have been convicted of a criminal offence, or whose circumstances may create tendencies in them toward such offences so that such young people may grow in full maturity as individuals and members of society, and become better equipped to take a useful and responsible place in the community and that their conditions of life may be improved.
We are a voluntary organisation who, by helping to coordinate and publicise the efforts and activities of the youth groups, clubs and associations in the area, aim to engage and enthuse the area’s young people to expand their leisure time pursuits.
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